School Sanitation and Hygiene Project

Healthy School, Healthy Students


Earlier, students had to use the toilet with no roof and inferior drainage facility. Water clogging was a major issue during rainy season and parents’ complaints were frequent. In 2015, IRCED extended a hand to provide modern toilets for boys and girls. We had to face community opposition to build a basic facility though construction was completed within a month. The new toilet facility meets the student needs and it has resulted in an overall increase in the use of toilets. Now for last three years, the percentage of dropouts and complaint regarding sanitation facilities has gone to Zero (Chuckles).


“Through improved sanitation we are free from diarrheal and worm infections.”

Head Master Mr. Umar Mujawar

Toilet Project

Say NO to Open Defecation- A Toilet for Every Home

We use to have a thatched toilet in the form of a hole dug in the ground and it was difficult to maintain. We never thought of building a modern toilet because there was no need. When IRCED conducted a Focused Group Discussions (FGD) in our village and informed us about the advantages of having a modern toilet, we were totally mesmerized as we had never thought of a toilet along these lines. IRCED provided us with construction material and credit for toilet building. Before 2015 only 50 percent of the population in our village had a modern toilet and now more than 90 percent does. I have personally motivated members of our community to build better sanitation facilities with the help of IRCED and it has helped.


Earlier we wanted to have a toilet but now we know why everyone should have a better toilet.”

Sunita Janardan Mote

SHG Member (Gram Panchayat Member), Gundewadi

Micro Finance Project

One small loan turned a family around

I had three children when my husband died; the major source of income stopped. I used to work as day labor but it wasn’t enough for meeting the household needs along with my children education. When IRCED gave us the credit, they encouraged us for investing the money in a fruitful area otherwise we would fall into debt. Presently, I am in the 9th loan cycle; with the first loan in 2008 I bought a camera for my elder son and he started a small photo shop, later with the further credit in 2010 we decided to open a flour mill in my house itself and in 2012 with more credit we bought a machine to crush spices for selling in neighboring area. Presently, with the profits and credit from IRCED, my younger son has opened a sugarcane juice shop and we are making decent profits. Earlier, I could not even talk in front of people and now I am running three 3 micro-business.


“If there is anything closer to GOD then it is IRCED for my family.”

Sunanda Gurav

SHG Member, Shantiniketan area

Minority Women Empowerment Project

Feeling Truly Empowered

Since 2006 I have been into Saree business. We use to sell readymade women clothing from our house. Due to lack of credit, I could not meet the increasing demand of consumers for next 2 years. For small business ventures, traditional banks were refusing credit without collateral. In 2008, IRCED approached us and agreed to provide financial services only if we would invest the money in income generating activities. With access to financial services, I have increased the variety of products from women clothing to kids wear. With the profits and further credit, I bought a shop in 2013. I have started selling clothes on credit for fixed weekly repayment installments (Smiles).


“I feel proud that I do not have to ask family members for my daily needs and expenses.”

Salma Jahangir Attar

SHG Member, Dattanagar

Credit Discipline Training Project

Getting free from Moneylenders Debt

To start my shop in 2006, I had to take credit from a local moneylender at higher interest rate (10% per month) for 2 years. IRCED has helped us manifold: we got rid of local moneylender and lower interest rate credit helped to increase the inventory of grocery goods. In 2014, to store the goods, I built a shop next to my house. Apart from credit, IRCED has taught us social skills which have helped us to socialize in an effective manner with the community as well as with customers. They have taught us how to maintain accounts of everyday transactions, now I keep daily records of every penny spent. Now, even bank people get startled when they come to know we are getting a fair amount of credit on collateral free lending.


“I really like at the door facilities provided by IRCED along with the idea of collateral free lending.”

Surekha Uday Riswade

SHG Member, Kakanagar

Swachhata Abhiyan

Organizing Swachhata Abhiyan in Sangli.

(Swachh Bharat Sundar Bharat)Clean India Beautiful India .