Director Profile

Mr. Kiran Kulkarni

Mr. Kiran Kulkarni
Ashoka Fellow
Director, IRCED

Mr. Kiran kulkarni started (Institute of Rural Credit & Entrepreneurship Development) IRCED in the year 1994 as he wanted to test the concept of grain bank in the drought prone areas of Maharashtra . Before that year he was working with tribals from Karjat taluka of Raigad district and has successfully implemented the Grain Bank concept, which has been very useful to take the farmers out of the debt trap of moneylenders. This project was then adapted by Govt. of Maharashtra for replication in tribal areas of Maharashtra state. After coming to Sangli district he continued to be in touch with the government of Maharashtra to replicate the programme of grain bank and meanwhile joined another NGO in Sangli district i.e. Erala project where he worked for 5 years in various projects and developed a detailed understanding of the economic situation and problems of the people in the district.

In the year 1999, he got the International Ashoka fellowship for the successful implementation of grain bank concept in Raigad district. From the year 2000 onwards Mr. Kiran started concentrating mainly in the activities of IRCED whose main objective is to promote socio economic activities for the deprived people and help them in becoming self sufficient. In the last 6 years he has helped more than 2000 farmers to adopt to organic farming. He has taken many training workshops for villagers to start their own small enterprises, has established 15 Grain Banks in Atpadi and Miraj taluka of Sangli district. Presently running Micro finance programme and helping 6300 women members for their credit requirements and is now also working for AIDS prevention programme.

  • Major achievements:



June 1985

Passed B. Sc. From Karnataka University .

June 1985 to Dec. 1985

Worked with TCI, Pune.

Jan. 1986 - Dec.1994

Worked with Academy of development science, Kashele. The projects with which he worked are quality control of fruit products and new Product development, Established new dept. to take care of Village level projects; Grain Bank, water awareness, village herbal gardens, smokeless chulha project, handicrafts cooperative society, womens' savings groups, etc. He worked at ADS on different positions – fellow, research worker, coordinator, member trustee and promoter of Maharashtra level food security network. Designed various innovative projects for tribal and poor people's development.


Govt. of Maharashtra adapted the grain Bank concept to implement in tribal areas. Hence to test this model in other areas of India , registered an organization – Institute of Rural Credit & Entrepreneurship Development (IRCED). Under this banner, he is trying to convey the people that India can be developed by helping the people in time (by way of cash, kind, promotion, recommendation, etc) and lighting the flame of Entrepreneurship in them.


Worked with Erala society, Sangli. The projects in which he worked were Social Housing project (which included construction of houses, poultry, sericulture, dairy, horticulture, goat rearing etc), Mother and child health awareness project, small enterprise development for villagers and NGO coordination. He was chief coordinator to implement CRS-USAID - food for work programmes in 5 districts of Maharashtra State . Here he worked as General Manager and developed strategies for work in drought prone areas. Designed various Projects for institutional and people's development.


Selected by Ader France – a foreign funding agency as programme Manager to work in Karnataka State . During the same time he received an International Ashoka Fellowship from Ashoka Innovators for the Public, Washington, inc. Hence decided to work for IRCED to handle various food security issues.

2000 onwards

Working as secretary and CEO of IRCED.

Academic Qualifications (some Important)

  1. Bachelor of Science (Chem.) – 1985.
  2. Worked as research fellow in Academy of Development Science . While working here he used the labs of IIT, Pawai and UDCT, Mumbai and formed a group of Rural Activities taking young scientists, professors and students from IIT and UDCT. – 1986 – 1988.
  3. Went through a course on “Project formulation and Management” at CYSD, Bhubaneshwar. – 1989.
  4. Selected for training in Greenland by ITCIP on “Indigenous Peoples in the International System”. – 2001.