HR Policy
Recruitment and Retention Strategy
IRCED will recruit staff for all the levels as per well defined and documented HR policy for transparency and greater efficiency.
External youth for field / branch level positions and provision of staying facility at the branch.
Local and external talent pool for middle and senior positions
Recruitment through well defined competitive process
Competitive remuneration package
Incentives based salary system
Promotions to high performing staff
Incentives and disincentives
Non- financial benefits to staff
Performance assessment once in 6 months, Professional learning and Review ( PLR ) or 360 degree performance appraisal system
Capacity Building Strategy
IRCED will provide excellent learning opportunities for the staff of all the levels.
Induction Program for newly recruited staff
On the job training for three months
Subject –wise internal and external training programs
Exposures visits to national and international organizations
Capacity Building Need Assessment (CBNA ) during PLR Process and other meetings.